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Collins Law Firm LLC (What is Estate Planning?)

Estate planning is the process of protecting you if you become disabled and transferring your assets to your beneficiaries in the most efficient way possible. Usually, we will use a will or trust as the main planning document. In addition to the main planning document, we use other documents like financial and healthcare powers of attorney to nominate someone to make decisions for you if you cannot make them on your own. We also use marital property agreements, living wills, and additional documents to address other potential issues. Estate planning can provide structure to money inherited by disabled or minor children to ensure the money is used properly after your death.

Collins Law Firm LLC (Why do I practice estate planning?)

The main reason I practice estate planning is because I understand how hard people work to earn the money they make during their lifetime. I also know how important it is for them to preserve those assets because they’ve worked so hard to do so. I feel it’s important that people have a chance to enjoy what the world has to offer. By working in estate planning I’m able to help families and businesses protect their assets and efficiently pass them on to their loved ones. allowing them to enjoy their life and provide for their beneficiaries so they can enjoy it too. 

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  • As difficult a subject Estate Planning can be to discuss, Gifford made the entire process seamless and comfortable. He was responsive, educational and patient with us as we navigated through this project. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gifford and Collins Law in the future!

  • My husband and I have done estate planning with Collins Law Firm, LLC and Giff was wonderful to work with.  He made the whole process easy to understand and execute.

  • Gifford is very knowledgeable and thorough. Be prepared for a thick stack of organized papers. He helpfully includes a summary in less legal terms. I trust the estate plan and my relationship with Gifford will meet my needs.