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Estate Planning

Risks of Not Having an Estate Plan

Many people consider estate planning something that only wealthy or older individuals do. But the fact is, estate planning is beneficial – and affordable – for everyone. Not having an estate plan in place can cause financial and emotional hardship for your family down the road. For many reasons, it’s quite risky not to have… Read more

Estate Planning

How Much Does an Estate Have to be Worth to Go to Probate in Wisconsin?

The probate process exists to protect anyone with an interest in the estate of someone who has passed away. The deceased individual’s assets are reviewed and supervised by the court and divided up among the beneficiaries, in addition to creditors and taxing authorities.  In the state of Wisconsin, the probate process triggers automatically if the… Read more

Estate Planning

At What Age Should You Do Estate Planning?

Estate planning isn’t top-of-mind for a young person. There are a few reasons for this. The most prominent is that a young person is…young – being prepared for a situation where an estate plan comes into play is something for older people, so they think. The second most prominent reason is that they may think… Read more

Estate Planning

What Triggers Probate in Wisconsin?

Probate essentially exists to protect anyone with a legal interest in the estate of a deceased person. Without the probate process, there could be a potential free-for-all on valuable property, ending in significant disputes. In addition, probate exists not only to distribute assets but also to ensure that any creditors are paid and taxes.  What… Read more

Estate Planning

Why an 18-Year-Old Needs an Estate Plan in Wisconsin

With the summer season here and newly graduated 18-year-olds heading out into the world, parents may be ready for the inevitable transition to an empty nest – or at least a less active home. While the next chapter in life brings many reasons for celebration and optimism, it’s essential to plan for the next step. … Read more