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wisconsin probate lawyer

Do You Need a Lawyer for Probate in Wisconsin?

In many cases, an estate will head to probate after a person’s death. During this time, the court will verify the will and distribute assets to beneficiaries. This process can be confusing for many people, especially if you are unfamiliar with the laws. You might want to hire an attorney to assist.  But do you… Read more

probate in wisconsin
Probate, Trusts

Does a Trust Avoid Probate in Wisconsin?

If you want to secure your legacy for future generations, then estate planning can help with the process. However, not everyone wants to proceed through probate. This legal proceeding can be expensive, time-consuming, and very public. Fortunately, a trust might be the answer to avoiding any probate issues. If you would like to learn more… Read more

exempt probate assets

What Assets Are Exempt From Probate in Wisconsin?

When someone passes away, their assets could end up in probate. During this process, the debts and assets are managed and distributed by the courts. However, not all assets will proceed through probate. A few are exempt in Wisconsin and can pass to beneficiaries without court supervision. Let’s examine the process and learn what assets… Read more

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