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wisconsin estate planning faq
Estate Planning

Wisconsin Estate Planning FAQ

Estate planning allows you to take control of your finances, property, health care, and guardianship of minor children. Whether you’re a young adult or a retiree, setting up a plan is a great idea at any age. If you would like to know more about the most common Wisconsin estate planning FAQs, we have the… Read more

estate planning checklist (1)
Estate Planning

Wisconsin Estate Planning Checklist

By now, you already know an estate plan is an essential part of your life. But creating a plan is more than just drawing up a will. You will want to make sure that your wishes are carried out so your loved ones are protected for years to come. A well-thought-out estate plan is vital… Read more

estate planning mistakes to avoid
Estate Planning

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Estate Planning

Most people already know that estate planning is essential for their family members. However, even with the best intentions, you could make a mistake that can have unintended consequences for your loved ones. Sometimes, that can lead to delays and disputes involving the distribution of your estates. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid… Read more

last will and testament paperwork

Who Inherits When There Is No Will In Wisconsin?

Most of us know you need at least a will for your estate plan. A will can specify what happens after your death and how your assets are passed to your family. But what happens when there is no will? Well, then, asset distribution can become a little complicated. This scenario is known as intestate…. Read more

probate in wisconsin
Probate, Trusts

Does a Trust Avoid Probate in Wisconsin?

If you want to secure your legacy for future generations, then estate planning can help with the process. However, not everyone wants to proceed through probate. This legal proceeding can be expensive, time-consuming, and very public. Fortunately, a trust might be the answer to avoiding any probate issues. If you would like to learn more… Read more

bypass trust

Bypass Trusts in Wisconsin

When it comes to estate planning, you will want to use all the available tools at your disposal. You might have already heard about establishing a trust, but there is one that doesn’t get the same attention as revocable or irrevocable ones. Bypass trusts can be an option for those married couples with substantial assets…. Read more

estate planning attorney
Estate Planning

How to Prepare for a Meeting with a Wisconsin Estate Planning Attorney?

If you want to take charge of your financial future for your family, you may want to think about estate planning. With these plans, you can ensure a smooth transfer of assets to the next generation. Meeting with a Wisconsin estate planning attorney is the first step in the process. After that, you can create… Read more

putting house in trust_s

The Pros and Cons of Putting Your House in a Wisconsin Trust

Protecting your assets is one step of the estate planning process. For many people, their home is one of their most valuable possessions. While many use a trust to safeguard their assets, is that the right choice for you? Learn more about the pros and cons of putting your house in a Wisconsin trust. Benefits… Read more

trust vs will_s

Is a Trust Better than a Will in Wisconsin?

When you want to manage your assets and make sure they are distributed according to your wishes, that is where estate planning is essential. You have two options in Wisconsin: drafting a will or creating a trust. These options both have benefits and disadvantages. Your financial situation, family dynamics, and personal preferences all play a… Read more

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