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What Not to Put Into a Revocable Living Trust

Revocable living trusts are a great benefit to almost everyone’s estate plan. However, though you can put most of your assets in a revocable living trust, living trusts are not ideal for all assets that you may want to pass on to your children, family, friends, and relatives. Today, Collins Law is going to help… Read more

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Should Everyone Have a Trust in Wisconsin

You’ve heard of estate planning and living trusts, but perhaps you think a will is enough. Or perhaps you think that living trusts are only for the wealthy or those with complicated estates. Should everyone have a trust in Wisconsin? In truth, at Collins Law, we say the answer is yes. There are a lot… Read more

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Difference Between Living Trusts and Family Trusts

For most estate plans a trust is a great way to go. There are numerous benefits including avoiding probate and protecting your privacy. For most, we recommend a living trust at Collins Law, but family trusts are also an option. Learn the difference between living trusts and family trusts right here from your trusted estate… Read more

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How a Living Trust Preserves Your Privacy

Everyone is entitled to a little privacy. Unfortunately, that’s not always true upon death. If celebrity deaths are any indication, almost the moment you leave this earth, everything in your will seems to be available for anyone to read. Maybe a living trust is the answer. Learn how a living trust preserves your privacy in… Read more

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Estate Planning

Difference Between a Revocable and an Irrevocable Trust

If you have done any research into estate plans, then you have likely heard about revocable living trusts. Not only is it something you can do as part of your estate plan. It’s something that we highly recommended for most people. However, this begs the question, what about irrevocable trusts. What’s the difference between a… Read more

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How Can a Living Trust Help You Pass On Your Business?

Even if you don’t own a business, Collins Law recommends that you consider a living trust to handle your assets in your estate plan, but if you do own a business, then it becomes even more important. Why? Without a trust, your business will have to pass through probate. Not only does this leave it… Read more

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Estate Planning

What is the Best Way to Leave Your House To Your Children?

A common concern for parents as they start getting older is how they are going to pass their house to their children. Estate planning is where this often comes into play, but people tend to explore other options as well. Let’s look at all of them and determine what is the best way to leave… Read more

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Revocable Living Trusts?

Trying to figure out what your estate plan is going to look like? People often rely on a will, but what about a trust? Trusts are useful tools for nearly any estate plan, and the most common form of trust used in estate planning is a revocable living trust. What are the pros and cons… Read more

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Estate Planning

Is Probate Required in Wisconsin?

Are you worried about probate for your estate? We understand that. At Collins Law, we handle estate planning for many of our clients. Is probate required in Wisconsin? Let’s take a look at the letter of the law to help you navigate probate, when it happens, and how you can avoid it if you want… Read more

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