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Does a Trust Avoid Probate in Wisconsin?

If you want to secure your legacy for future generations, then estate planning can help with the process. However, not everyone wants to proceed through probate. This legal proceeding can be expensive, time-consuming, and very public. Fortunately, a trust might be the answer to avoiding any probate issues. If you would like to learn more… Read more

bypass trust

Bypass Trusts in Wisconsin

When it comes to estate planning, you will want to use all the available tools at your disposal. You might have already heard about establishing a trust, but there is one that doesn’t get the same attention as revocable or irrevocable ones. Bypass trusts can be an option for those married couples with substantial assets…. Read more

putting house in trust_s

The Pros and Cons of Putting Your House in a Wisconsin Trust

Protecting your assets is one step of the estate planning process. For many people, their home is one of their most valuable possessions. While many use a trust to safeguard their assets, is that the right choice for you? Learn more about the pros and cons of putting your house in a Wisconsin trust. Benefits… Read more

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Is a Trust Better than a Will in Wisconsin?

When you want to manage your assets and make sure they are distributed according to your wishes, that is where estate planning is essential. You have two options in Wisconsin: drafting a will or creating a trust. These options both have benefits and disadvantages. Your financial situation, family dynamics, and personal preferences all play a… Read more

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What Is the Average Cost of a Trust in Wisconsin?

If you want to protect your assets and provide for your loved ones, a trust may be the answer. These trusts can also help your estate avoid the probate process. As you are considering your options for an estate plan, you might want to think about the costs. What is the average cost of a… Read more

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Testamentary Trusts in Wisconsin

One type of trust that you may not know about is a testamentary trust. Many individuals put these in their estate plans, making them effective upon death. If you would like to learn more about whether a testamentary trust is the right option for you, here are a few points to consider.   What Is a… Read more

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What Not To Put in a Wisconsin Living Trust

With a living trust, you can manage and distribute your assets after your passing. While this valuable estate tool can help expedite the probate process and protect your privacy, it may not be the right option for everyone. Some assets are not suitable to be placed in a living trust. Here is what you need… Read more

living trust update_s

Can You Update an Outdated Trust in Wisconsin?

Trusts are an essential part of estate planning and managing wealth. They provide a sense of financial security and peace of mind. However, your trust may become outdated with changes in family dynamics, legal requirements, and other factors.  If you want to ensure that the trust continues to align with your current needs, intentions, and… Read more

Estate Planning, Trusts

Simplify Estate Administration with Living Trusts in Wisconsin

The distribution of a deceased person’s property and settlement of debts is called probate, which can be a difficult and costly process in Wisconsin. However, creating a revocable living trust can help simplify estate administration and avoid heading to court. This estate planning tool can offer many benefits to individuals and families.  Here is how… Read more

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