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Imagine that you travel out to a piece of land and begin to build without any plans. You have no architectural guidelines or construction blueprints. It would seem unwise, wouldn’t it? And yet, in my profession, I encounter this type of thinking related to estate planning on a daily basis. 

Everyone has an estate. You may own a car, a home, other property, a business, savings accounts or other investments, furniture, or other personal possessions. If you plan properly, you can build a legacy for your family and future generations. It’s never too early to start and it’s never too late to begin. I can assist you in this process and help you to build and protect your assets. Working through the estate planning process with me will give you and your family goals to aim for and the security that comes from peace of mind.

In many ways, I feel uniquely qualified to help you and your family through this process. My father came from a family of 12 children and my mother from a family of 7. They didn’t have much growing up, but they worked extremely hard to create something for themselves, their families, and the next generation. Their work ethic and legacy building is a part of me. I benefitted from their efforts and want to continue their legacy.

During my undergraduate years, I studied international business in Belgium and learned to speak French. After college, I spent time in England and Spain and in 2004 I had the good fortune to take a trip around the world through Europe, Asia, and Australia. I studied international law through a program at the University of Toronto in Canada and the East China School of Politics and Law in Shanghai. My travels solidified my education and gave me a better understanding of people from different cultures and backgrounds. It also gave me a deep appreciation for the beauty that exists worldwide and that all of us have the opportunity to share if we preserve it.

When I began my career, I quickly faced the challenges that all entrepreneurs face. As a small business owner, I’ve experienced the focused effort it takes to build a business and how critical it is to preserve what you have built. My wife and I have three children and I see firsthand how easy it is to get caught up in the day-to-day. It’s important to maintain a view of the bigger picture of what you’re building for your family and for their future families. Estate planning builds a bridge of hope for a better future not only for generations within a family, but also for communities as a whole.  

The plans that we will create together for your family will be tailored for your personality, goals, and values. You’ll be involved in every stage of the process as we go through the available options together. By creating this plan, you’ll ensure that your desires are carried out throughout your lifetime and beyond.

No matter whether you are just starting your family or you are close to retiring, if you are thinking of estate planning, call me to set up a consultation. Take the time to fill out our Estate Planning checklist in advance so I can tailor our initial discussion to your needs. I look forward to helping you build your legacy.

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