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legal will in wisconsin

What Makes a Will Legal in Wisconsin?

States have different rules when it comes to making a valid will. Therefore, you must...
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last will and testament couple

What are the Most Important Things to Put in a Will?

No matter your age, having a will is vitally important. A will ensures that all...
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estate planning as you age

At What Age Should You Do Estate Planning?

Estate planning isn’t top-of-mind for a young person. There are a few reasons for this....
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power of attorney wisconsin

What Powers Does a Power of Attorney Have in Wisconsin?

Establishing a trusted power of attorney is an important step in setting up for your...
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making a will and trust

Do I Need a Trust and Will Done in Wisconsin?

As the head of a family, it’s essential to have a plan. Having an estate...
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making a will in wisconsin

What Happens if I Die Without a Will in Wisconsin?

It’s easy to put off planning for the future. Thinking about a time when you...
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probate trigger in wisconsin

What Triggers Probate in Wisconsin?

Probate essentially exists to protect anyone with a legal interest in the estate of a...
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fourth of fuly fireworks wauwatosa

Where to Watch Fireworks in Wauwatosa 2021

Following a year where many of our favorite activities were canceled due to the COVID-19...
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18 years old estate plan

Why an 18-Year-Old Needs an Estate Plan in Wisconsin

With the summer season here and newly graduated 18-year-olds heading out into the world, parents...
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Why Would I Even Need an Estate Plan…Or An Estate Planning Attorney?

WHO IS GOING TO FEED FIDO? It’s important not to think about estate planning as...
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