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trick or treating times wauwatosa
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many Americans go about their daily lives – potentially forever. While 2020 was filled with canceled events and serious mitigation efforts, 2021 has been a year of learning how to live with the virus, with many events coming back.  With Halloween around the corner, kids are undoubtedly excited...
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risk of not having an estate plan
Many people consider estate planning something that only wealthy or older individuals do. But the fact is, estate planning is beneficial – and affordable – for everyone. Not having an estate plan in place can cause financial and emotional hardship for your family down the road. For many reasons, it’s quite risky not to have...
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estate value for probate wisconsin
The probate process exists to protect anyone with an interest in the estate of someone who has passed away. The deceased individual’s assets are reviewed and supervised by the court and divided up among the beneficiaries, in addition to creditors and taxing authorities.  In the state of Wisconsin, the probate process triggers automatically if the...
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legal will in wisconsin
States have different rules when it comes to making a valid will. Therefore, you must understand the laws of your home state before creating a will. If the will is not valid, it will fall on the court to decide your property and assets transfer.  It’s also important to note that a will is just...
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last will and testament couple
No matter your age, having a will is vitally important. A will ensures that all of your property and assets go to the right place if you die. While the thought of dying isn’t a fun one, it’s worth making proper arrangements just in case. After all, if you die without a will in place,...
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estate planning as you age
Estate planning isn’t top-of-mind for a young person. There are a few reasons for this. The most prominent is that a young person is…young – being prepared for a situation where an estate plan comes into play is something for older people, so they think. The second most prominent reason is that they may think...
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power of attorney wisconsin
Establishing a trusted power of attorney is an important step in setting up for your future. Filling out power of attorney (POA) documents allows you to decide in advance who you will trust to handle your affairs in the case that you become incapacitated. This is a key piece of effective estate planning, as it...
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making a will and trust
As the head of a family, it’s essential to have a plan. Having an estate planning attorney help you with life’s important decisions helps ensure that your legacy will be intact and your family is set.  When planning for a time after your death, there are two primary documents that come to mind – will...
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making a will in wisconsin
It’s easy to put off planning for the future. Thinking about a time when you are no longer around can be difficult to face. But, the sooner you put plans in place, the greater your peace of mind knowing that all you’ve worked for will end up in the right hands upon your death.  Having...
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probate trigger in wisconsin
Probate essentially exists to protect anyone with a legal interest in the estate of a deceased person. Without the probate process, there could be a potential free-for-all on valuable property, ending in significant disputes. In addition, probate exists not only to distribute assets but also to ensure that any creditors are paid and taxes.  What...
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