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This Father’s Day Think About Your Loved Ones.

The month of June is known for Father’s Day. A time of year when families throughout the country gather to celebrate and say, “thank you” to dads for all that they do. Celebrations vary from steak dinners, fishing on the boat or watching dad’s favorite baseball team win a game. 

Dad’s play many important roles such as the provider, the handyman and the teacher just to name a few. If you’re a dad there’s another crucial role you should know about, the planner. 

So many things in life are unexpected, that’s why we need to be prepared. Ask yourself, what will your family do when times get rough? What happens if you can no longer care for the ones you love? What if there’s a death in the family? 

These scenarios come with a lot of questions to ponder, luckily, as the planner of the family you can take action to help the ones you care about in times of need. Collins Law Firm works hard to ensure you and your loved ones are cared for and will preserve the resources you already have for your family’s benefit. 

So dads, enjoy your special day and thank you for all the roles you play, especially the role of the planner. 

Collins Law Firm, LLC helps families and businesses build, protect and efficiently pass their wealth on to the next generation. 

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