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Top of the mornin’ to you! :Estate Planning & Saint Patrick’s Day

As we get ready for spring, we can’t ignore that Saint Patrick’s Day is on it’s way too! Whether you spend your time looking for the end of rainbows, attending a parade, eating Lucky Charms, or sharing a limerick, think of ways you can keep this joy going on forever for you and your family.

Life can throw some curves balls, no matter how many four-leaf clovers you have. How will your family function when times get hard? What happens if there is a death in the family, and you can no longer take care of them or yourself? What will the quality of life be for your children after you’re gone?

In these cases, it’s best not to rely on luck. Collins Law Firm works hard to make sure you and your loved ones are cared for and will preserve the resources you already have for your family’s benefit. Irish eyes are smilin’ and so will your family for generations to come.

At the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold. Protect that gold so you can live your life to the fullest and leave a better life for your loved ones. Contact Collins Law Firm for your estate planning needs.

Collins Law Firm, LLC helps families and businesses build, protect and efficiently pass their wealth on to the next generation. giff@giffcollinslaw.com or (608) 886-9529 www.giffcollinslaw.com

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